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    Over 35 years experience producing
    footwear for leading brands and startups.

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    From Samples
    To Production

    More than just factories. Learn how
    our capabilities help you succeed.

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    The Startup Shop

    From samples to production to shipping.
    Everything you need to get started with a shoe factory.

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    Talent and Expertise

    People are our most valuable resource. From sample development
    to supply chain management, we are committed your success.

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    Pricing & Minimums

    Understand pricing for your designs
    and factors that affect your bottom line.

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Need a team that is agile and understands how to manage supply chain risk and make fast launches? Contact us through the inquiry form to the right.

Not quite ready?

Perhaps you have a great idea, but aren’t sure how to get started.

For help on developing samples or planning your first production order, get the tools that are specifically designed to help you plan and organize on your own.

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We are more than footwear. Find out what we can manufacture for you.
Women's Fashion Sandals,
Flats, Heels & Boots

Bridal & Evening Shoes

Men's Casual & Dress Shoes

Fashion Sneakers 

Custom & Bespoke Shoes
Rain Boots & Molded Footwear

Performance Athletics

Golf Shoes

Flip Flops & Sandals

Hunting Boots

House & Hotel Slippers

Infant & Children's Footwear

Orthopedic, Comfort &
Corrective Medical Footwear

Barefoot & Minimal Footwear

Uniform, Work & Safety Boots

Concept Footwear

Fashion Apparel

Basic Cut & Sew

Undergarments & Lingerie

Bridal & Lace

Athletic & Performance






Phone Cases

Laptop Cases

Fashion Bags

Performance Bags

Travel Bags & Luggage

Hard Cases

Glassware, Ceramics & Pottery

Textiles, Linens & Bedding




Simple Electronics & Appliances
Tiles, Hardware & Fixtures

Molded Home, Kitchen
& Bath Products

Otabo Workshop

Coming Soon

As an outlet to explore unique and difficult constructions, collections from our workshop celebrate
the dedication required to achieve something that is beautiful and functional, yet simple. 

We believe that the experiences we create in our workshop challenge us
to be better shoemakers in mass production.

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Return Policy : Education Course

The Education Course is non-refundable. You will retain access to the course for 6 months from date of purchase.


Return Policy : Individual Chapters

Education Course chapters are non-refundable. You will retain access to each chapter for 6 months from date of purchase.


Return Policy : Tools, Templates, and Guides

Tools, Templates & Guides are non-refundable. You will retain access to these materials for 1 year from date of purchase.

Return Policy: Consulting

Consulting hours are non-refundable. Session must be conducted within 1 year of purchase. Rescheduling requires 2 business days of notice.


Return Policy : Documentation

Documentation is non-refundable and must be applied to a consulting session conducted within 1 year of purchase.