China 2018 Factory Holidays

Communication with your factory is incredibly important, especially when you are planning your production schedule. A major aspect of the process is being aware of holidays, when they are celebrated, when your factory will be closed, and what their pre-holiday availability on production slots look like as this is the busiest time of year for footwear manufacturing.

In China, holiday dates fluctuate year to year, as most of them are scheduled on the lunar calendar and not the Gregorian calendar that is used in the most parts of the world for conducting business. Holidays are a major part of life and factories traditionally close for long periods of time to honor holiday breaks, and allow migrant factory workers adequate time to visit their home towns.

To give you a starting point for your planning conversations, here is a list of the major holidays of 2018 and their approximate dates:

New Year Jan 1
Lunar New Year Feb 5 – Mar 2
Tomb Sweeping Day Apr 5
Dragon Boat Festival Jun 17
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Sep 23
National Day & Golden Week Oct 1


Be sure you also confirm the exact dates of celebration with your manufacturer as different localities may have different schedules. It is also important to note that while your primary shoe factory may have one schedule, supporting factories for materials and components may have another schedule that can affect your overall production timelines.

January 01, 2018 by Otabo Team
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