The information in this course is the result of knowledge gained
from making millions of pairs of shoes over the course of our 35+
years in the shoe manufacturing business.

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Setup a business

Design footwear tech packs and spec sheets

Learn what it takes to get your designs made

Understand patents, trademarks and copyrights

Learn how to work and negotiate with factories

Estimate footwear pricing and minimums

Plan for shipping

Find out what tools established brands use

Launch your website and build your brand

Identify a good factory and avoid getting ripped off

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Access via mobile devices

9 Chapters

Over 3 hours of instruction

Over 140 narrated slides

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Meet your teachers, get the principle habits of a good project and put things in perspective on what it takes to get started.
Understand your business using the tools and tips in this presentation. Get introduced to key startup philosophies and the tools smart businesses use to do world class work within an affordable budget.
Starting A Shoe Company
Identify and engage your customer base. Finding your customer and choosing what to make for them is not as simple as you might think. Get tools to help you get real about who you are selling to. Learn to use social media effectively and how to setup a website for...
Marketing & Product Definition
What you need to know about how factories work, and how to work with factories. Getting designs right, at a fair price, requires management, planning and consideration. Learn how to specify designs and collaborate with factories. 
Get clear about the basic construction and components of a shoe so you can make a design that looks good and functions well. Includes information on design tools and where they fit in the process.
Footwear Design
Gain inspiration from a huge array of materials and how to best use them. Knowing your materials and their nature is a critical piece to making a great product.
Footwear Materials
Understand how your design affects pricing and minimums. This section also covers order breakdowns and size runs.
Pricing & Minimums
How to recognize a quality shoe and assure it meets industry standards. Quality control is about making sure the process is good before there are problems. Learn what makes a quality shoe, how to inspect your factory samples and make sure they meet your quality requirements.
Quality Control
International freight can be very easy or very complex. Working with a big shipper like UPS or FedEx makes life easy, but you pay more for it. Shipping always has a steep learning curve, but this section will help you be more prepared to nail down the details and avoid...

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