Factory Ethics


Our family has been a pioneer for workers’s rights and strong factory ethics in China for over 30 years.

We provided clean and safe working conditions, and built a strong community for our employees with a focus on family and individuals, when most factories did not. We continue these traditions today.

Otabo partners with factories that maintain a standard of care that includes reasonable hours, fair living wages, clean and safe facilities, no underage employees, and that make contributions to employee healthcare, education and homeownership.

Factory conditions can vary, but we always give preference to those that make a commitment to ongoing improvements and provide better conditions for their people.

Factory Standards
Going above and beyond to set an example for partner factories, the following are some of the practices we've instituted in for our in-house Development and Production staff, and factory workshop.
  • Workstations are clean and well lit, and comfortable. Machines and toolings are regularly serviced for easy of use and better quality craftsmanship.
  • No uniforms required for factory workshop. People are encouraged to dress as they feel comfortable.
  • Working hours are very comfortable. Lunchtime is a full hour. Regular weekends off. Craftspeople are paid overtime if they work after-hours or on weekends.
  • Factory workshop is located in a city area nearby public transportation and affordable housing. Leading Master Craftsman has onsite quarters. No required dormitory living, encourages people to have a more active life outside of work.
  • Onsite kitchens stocked with healthy snacks, tea and coffee.
  • Apprenticeships for craftspeople start at least at minimum wage, and with third month and annual wage increases based on learned skills, responsibility and performance. Development and Production staff receive competitive wages, project and annual bonuses.
  • No underaged workers permitted. All applicants must provide legal employment documentation.
  • Employees are automatically enrolled in a healthcare program. Additional services are provided for finding doctors, and scheduling doctor visits and health screenings.
  • 50% payments are made towards optional employees's homeowner fund to help individuals own homes over time.
  • Days off given for all national holidays. Extended ~3 week vacation and bonus equal to 1 months wage is given for Chinese New Year to encourage employees to explore, travel and visit their families. Additional support provided for making travel arrangements.
  • Company dinners and activities held for holidays and events.

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