Access to the right talent is one of the biggest challenges in successfully launching and
running a reliable supply chain. Our core team is comprised of bright, passionate people
who are committed to a high standard of ethics and an unbeatable level of customer service.


Working in a range of American, European and Chinese factories, Sabrina's experience ranges from shoemaking in active production to product development and factory oversight. Prior to establishing Otabo as a full-service manufacturer, she ran bespoke and medical footwear programs, and oversaw factory operations and transitions across international facilities. She helped launch Asics Foot ID and contracted under Lockheed Martin to outfit US Air Force pilots in custom flight equipment. Her key focuses are business development and manufacturing strategy.


After working in factories for nearly a decade, Ryan built Otabo's second custom shoe factory and developed systems and protocol for fit research, product development, production planning, facility maintenance, inventory and quality control. He currently oversees operations in China, and leads our team in growing our factory network of materials suppliers, tooling makers, equipment manufacturers, testing labs, and factories. Ryan’s work has helped Otabo establish over 50 industry-leading factories and transform the company into one of the most diverse and high quality factory resources in footwear.


Ken has extensive expertise in shoemaking and concept footwear development, with a background in both small batch bespoke and mass production. He leads our team onsite at factories, and is responsible for supervising development and production projects, factory and logistics scheduling, and implementing unique quality control processes, customized for each individual production run. Ken also plays a key role in growing our onsite teams and development resources, and advancing manufacturing technologies and criterion. 


With a background in international import/export, footwear development and quality control, Kat takes a lead role on some of our most challenging development projects. From vetting new factories to analyzing and assessing new materials and production processes, Kat helps ensure that we are developing a superior product that meets, and more often than not, surpasses industry standards.


With over a decade of project management, customer service and administrative experience, Alex is a key liaison between startups and our manufacturing teams. She is an invaluable resource for new designers and investors looking for costing, sample making, and business and production planning guidance. Outside of work on client projects, Alex also provides key research, operations and logistics support for both our USA and China Teams.


Meeting the needs of a small business working across international locations and time zones, Kelsey supports our staff on a wide range of marketing and manufacturing projects. Her responsibilities include administrative, accounting, inventory and logistics assignments, along with daily management of office scheduling to help ensure that our team stays on track. She also plays a key role in customer service to help startups understand and best approach the challenges, options and possibilities before them.


An expert in local affairs and China relations, Winnie helped establish Otabo as a competitive foreign entity in Guangzhou and surrounding provinces. In addition to supporting our Management Team with growing Otabo's network of factories and logistics providers, Winnie also provides guidance and assistance with healthcare, housing and travel to our development team, production staff, craftsmen and factory workers - expats, locals and migrant workers alike. She is an invaluable part of building a motivated and competitive team in one of the world's largest manufacturing hubs.


With a deep expertise in design and innovation strategy, Chris bridges the gap between design and business to create meaningful results. He has provided strategy for companies including Target, HP, Mayo Clinic, and Hunter Douglas. He currently serves as Senior Director of Experience Design and Innovation at UnitedHealth Group, a Fortune 17 company. Chris helped transform Otabo from an OEM-focused factory business into a premium, full-service trading company.


Fluent in French, Arabic, English and Chinese Mandarin, Sakina has spent her career overseeing trade projects between China, Europe, Africa and The Middle East. As an expert in factory costing and contracts, and QC lab certifications, Sakina provides insight for supplier negotiations that help establish competitive pricing and terms for client projects.


A skilled artisan and master shoemaker, AhPing works with our Development and Production Teams to test materials and engineer new construction processes. His guidance is a crucial in helping us determine solutions when factories have difficulty engineering new and innovative designs to be viable for mass production. AhPing also leads our workshop’s team of shoemakers and craftsmen and oversees training for Master Pattern Makers and Master Cutters.

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